Swollen Eyes:

There are various Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis affects a great number of people during late spring and early summer resulting into swollen eyes. Itching is the foremost symptom; however, patients also may experience redness, excessive watering or tearing, scratchy sand-like sensation, swollen eyelids, and pain or burning and they eyes appear swollen. There is no specific age bar to decide when this problem will begin but these allergies can develop at any age, first occurrences are usually seen in patients between the ages of 12 and 30. It is seen and observed very vividly that seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is one of the most common types of eye disorders; however, bacterial and viral infections can produce the same symptoms. To get rid of complexity of the problem it is seen that routine eye exam is the best means to establish the cause and begin the proper treatment.

The perfect cure:

One should begin with cool compresses, or over-the-counter, artificial tears may provide relief in mild cases of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis at the early stages. In severe cases it is seen that one take in anti-inflammatory medications and antihistamines may be prescribed. People who sense the symptoms who are at an early stage it is a must to get a professional medical check up done and people and then begin with a proper medical treatment.

Other causes of swollen eyes:

The health disorder like asthma, the flu can be particularly serious and they can be a main reason for the redness of the eye. Asthmatics those who develop the flu are at increased risk of worsened asthma attacks, and they may be at greater risk of developing pneumonia from the flu and these patients have swollen and red eyes. It is one of the symptom that can is the indication of development within one to three days after exposure to the cold virus. There are many complications include severe worsening of asthma and secondary infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat, or ear infections. Red eyes can also be a symptom of shortness of breath and a cough may be symptoms of pneumonia and you should contact your physician.

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